FaceDub 2.3

Swaps faces in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, WMV, TGA, PXM images
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Make funny photos by swapping the faces. Select the outlay of the face that you want to replace, then place the new one over it. Match skin tones and remove imperfections for the best results.

FaceDub is a face pasting utility for Windows computers. This application allows you to put the face of one person onto the body of someone else. This program is incredibly easy to use and you can pretty much have a finalized swap ready in five minutes.

To start the process, you need two pictures. First, select which face is going where, and then the application allows you to select the face with a brush. There are several steps that allow you to match the skin tone of the two people you selected. One of the final steps consists in giving the final touch to the picture. During that step, you can erase imperfections around the face to finish the picture. On all these steps, there are instructions and tips on how to achieve a good result. There are sample pictures that show what is a good result and what is not. For best results, you should not select someone's head, but their face, and then insert that onto somebody's body. Once you are done, you can even add text captions to your morph. When all is done, you can print your morph or send it via e-mail or e-card. You can also save the image. The free version of this application offers most of the functionality of the other versions, but adds watermarks to the final images and limits the formats you can export your images to.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of tips
  • On-screen help is awesome
  • Easy to use, even for novice users
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